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3124-WIN2000 HIAS Heated

Why Winteb air pipe heads?

WIN2000 HIAS Heated

Heated air vent heads: the latest innovation of Winteb BV

As cold as ice? With the heated air vent heads, the brand new innovation of Winteb, sailing into ice cold climates like the North Pole, is a piece of cake.

Heating elements

Picture Winteb’s well known WIN2000c HIAS Air Pipe Head and add a heating unit with heating elements in it. While the temperature of the heating element is controlled by a specially designed monitoring unit, the air pipe heads can still do their job, even when the outside temperature is far below freezing point (see picture)


The motivation for the new product, was formed by several inquiries of Winteb’s clients. After a period of design and testing, the first de-icing system was ordered in March of this year by Nevsky, a large and well known shipyard in Russia.
With the large number of offer inquiries that are being placed at the moment, Winteb’s innovation proves to be a reliable and wanted product.