About us

History of Winteb: the first years

During the first years, Winteb was a classical foundry casting several different products for the local industry. New designs, spare parts, unique products in materials like aluminium, copper, aluminium bronze , bronze and other non-ferrous materials were produced. Winteb developed into an expert in non-ferrous castings with an eye for detail and quality. Several artists knocked at our door to have their work casted at Winteb. But even more important, Winteb became a flexible and innovative foundry, with a solution to almost every problem. Throughout the years, Winteb grew steadily and more customers got to know us. The business expanded from local industry to nation-wide. In 1976 Mr. A. van der Velde retired and was succeeded by Mr. I. van der Velde. The following years, Winteb expanded its business into the European market, starting with France. The core business remained casting non-ferrous products for the industry. 


In the late seventies, Winteb started to develop its own products
and custom-made solutions more and more. Winteb also started to do more machining of their own- and customers' products. Investments in new machinery and production automation were made and Winteb evolved to a higher level of production and machining, which eventually lead to a product focus, namely: Air Vent Heads.

1984-2000: The production of Air Pipe Heads

In 1984 Winteb started to do business in the shipbuilding market. Mr. I. van der Velde designed the WIKO5000 Air Pipe Head series. The WIKO5000 series were a refreshing, innovative new design compared to existing Air Pipe Heads.
The development, design, production, machining, transport (region), marketing and sales is all done by Winteb. This means that the knowledge and experience is kept under one roof. Hence a flexible, innovative and high quality company is backing up the products. Meanwhile "normal" (casting for the industry) work continued.
Throughout the years the Air Pipe Heads became the core business of Winteb. This resolved in more investments in production and machining. In 1997 Winteb received its patent on another revolutionary design. The "WINNpress" PV Valve. In 1998 Winteb received the ISO9001 quality control certificate, confirming once again that quality is one of Winteb's main goals. More investments in machining and producing facilities followed. Picture: line up of casted products in the early 1990's.

The year 2000: the launch of the WIN2000 Air Pipe Heads

Meanwhile, Winteb has become the world's largest producer of seawater resistant aluminium (DIN1725) Air Pipe Heads. The year 2000 sets a milestone for Winteb with their launch of the WIN2000 Air Pipe Head series, which set the standard in air venting. This series is also produced out of seawater resistant aluminium. The advantage of seawater resistant aluminium over cast-iron, welded hot dipped iron/steel constructions or stainless steel used by our competitors, is that aluminium (DIN1725) will not corrode and requires no maintenance. Furthermore the WIN2000 series has a space and weight saving design which is revolutionary compared to other Air Pipe Heads. 

2002-present: Growing order placement asks for the expansion of production department

Due to growing business, Winteb had to expand their machinery and product lines, which lead to a new machining department in 2002. The following year production grew even more and new investments had to be made in the foundry. The new foundry is fully operational since 2003. To boost up our melting capacity a new larger furnace was installed in 2005. 

Winteb in 2005

To keep up the demand for more sand a larger sand storage unit had to be installed as well. The new sand storage unit was placed in 2005 and features the new fresh logo of Winteb.

 In July 2005 Winteb opened a new grinding department and doubled its production area.

Current situation

At the moment business is still growing at Winteb and nowadays we deliver to 67 different countries in the world. Winteb expects to expand again in near future.