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The year 2010 started well, with the launch of Winteb’s new product: the Liquid Mud Valve (LMV). This valve has been developed for tanks that carry liquid mud.
Because mud overflow might clog and deposits can build up in the vent chamber, the air vent has to be cleaned to prevent the air pipe head to shut down.

Facilitating the cleaning process

Cleaning the air vent head is a hell of a job and a lot of time and trouble can be saved by a valve that facilitates this process. The new design of the LMV takes care of this problem. The Liquid Mud Valve consists of two chambers, a lower (the liquid mud valve) and an upper chamber (the air vent head). When mud builds up in the lower chamber, the pressure that comes free with that, causes the floater to shut off the upper chamber on it’s turn. By shutting off the upper chamber, the ‘overflow release’ at the side of the lower valve, will open to let out the mud. In that way, the upper chamber (the Air Pipe Head) does not soil and only the lower chamber has to be cleaned, which can be easily done by using a high pressure sprayer.

The lower valve is designed in such a way, that the Winteb’s well known WIN2000 Air Pipe Head can be easily fitted on it. Made entirely of seawater resistant aluminium, Winteb’s LMV has the same benefits as the standard Air Pipe Head of Winteb. They don’t corrode, are light weight, maintenance free and it that way cost saving in the long-term. The LMV is mostly ordered in sizes DN125, DN150, DN200 and DN250. Self evidently, the LMV can be produced in every size the client wishes.

Seawater resistant

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