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In 2000 Winteb developed the revolutionary WIN2000 Air Pipe Head series, produced out of seawater resistant aluminium, which has a space and weight saving design that is revolutionary, enabling you to fit them in places where they do not form an obstacle.
In fact, Winteb provides the smallest design in the world!

Throughout the years the WIN2000 series has proven to be a very tough design. Where air pipe heads made of cast iron, welded hot dipped iron/steel or stainless steel constructions of our competitors, corrode and have to be replaced, our aluminium products last for more than 20 years! Our product is extremely long lasting and will pay off in the long term because of the low replacement and maintenance costs.
Because of its volumetric design we have achieved an on average higher volumetric flow. Especially the larger sizes have a phenomenal volumetric flow.

The birth of a new standard in air venting: WIN2000 HIAS

Despite this volumetric flow, we noticed a lot of problems of so called ‘suction blocking’, e.g. vacuuming of the ball at extremely high inlet air speeds. Even when all calculation were done in the proper way (i.e. all flow curves and inlet air speed data of Winteb’s Air Pipe Heads have been taken into account with regards to the pump capacity of the several pumping systems), the suction blocking could still arise, namely on stability tanks. This was the effect of forces that are acting beyond us and can’t be anticipated on as they are unknown.
Being known for their innovative character Winteb quickly started to work on a solution and came up with the HIAS design. Please see below graphics for more information.
Since the knowledge and experience is kept under one roof, Winteb can easily adapt to such demands in the maritime market and fulfill the needs and wants of their customers. As for this new model, the development, design, casting, production, testing, machining, marketing and sales were all performed by Winteb.

Results are astonishing and with this execution, even severe circumstances can be faced. The patented HIAS technology has increased the maximum inlet air speed by a factor 4, which results into inlet air speeds of 40 m/s and higher!
This innovation proves again that 60 years of experience, makes a flexible, innovative and high quality company, which offers customer based solutions.

Seawater resistant

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